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Get the Best Breast Care: Top-notch Breast Augmentation and Cosmetic Surgery in Coomera, Queensland

Breast augmentation surgery or breast enlargement is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in Coomera (and all over the world). For many women, getting breast implants can be a life-changing event; it can boost self-esteem, improve confidence, and enhance the body.

There is an abundance of clinics offering all types of cosmetic procedures including breast augmentation, liposuction, breast lifting, and the like. At times, it can be dizzying to sort through all the available options to find one that suits your needs (read: offers quality care at a reasonable price). It is absolutely important to put your body in the hands of a top-notch cosmetic clinic – this is your body, after all.

We offer a variety of procedures (from breast augmentation to liposuction to other forms of plastic surgery) meant to improve symmetry and enhance your natural body shape. Our goal is to enhance your body, not alter it.

Why get breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation can improve your body’s overall symmetry and give you a fuller, more youthful physique; it can also help you reverse any negative physical effects caused by ageing, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, and many others.
For those who are unhappy with their current breast size and shape, it can be a life-changing event. Most women are generally happier with their bodies following a procedure.

As one of Australia’s leading cosmetic surgery and breast augmentation clinics, we offer a wide range of procedures depending on your needs. Each procedure starts with a personal one-on-one consultation in our clinic to determine which procedures best suit your body shape and type. For breast implant and breast augmentation procedures, it is important to make sure that the size, shape, and position of the implants match your body type. The correct implants can enhance your overall physique while the wrong ones can distort your body’s proportion.

What is the correct breast shape, size, and type for me?

The key to selecting which breasts are correct for you is proportion. Each body is unique and different. For natural-looking results, it is best to select a breast size and shape that fits well with the rest of your body–with the proper height, width, shape, projection, and material for you.

In your one-on-one consultation, our surgeons will review your body shape and type, skin, chest muscles, breast diameter, nipple projection, and breast tissue to find which procedures match your body. They will also consider other important factors such as your overall health and your ideal physique.

Our clinic is primarily concerned with performing cosmetic surgery that aims to enhance the body’s symmetry and balance, and not creating exaggerated physiques (which can damage your body in the long-run).

Types of implants

Breast implants can be separated into two broad categories according to material. There is the silicone implant, which is a silicone outer shell filled with silicone gel on the inside and the saline implant composed of a silicone outer shell filled with a sterile saline solution. Most women feel that silicone-based implants best mimic the feel of natural human breasts; however, saline implants are easier to insert and easier to replace. Both types are available from teardrop to round in shape and across all different sizes. Teardrop-shaped implants create a fuller effect in the lower portion of the breast while round implants increase the overall volume and perkiness of the breasts. Clients can choose from all different kinds of shapes and sizes. However, our surgeons often make recommendations based on which best suits your body.

Can your breast implant rupture?

It is important to know that breast implants should be replaced after a certain period of time. If not maintained properly, they can either leak or rupture. Most of our surgeons opt for silicone implants instead of saline implants, as the likelihood of rupturing is lesser. Rupturing can cause malformation of breast size and shape and may need surgery to remove.

Our surgeons are experienced in determining the safest implants and procedures for your body to ensure that you are happier, safer, and more satisfied with your body than before. They will also teach you how to maintain and manage your implants for the best results.

If you’re looking for quality breast augmentation, breast lift, or liposuction in Coomera, make sure to check us out and give us a call!

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