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Find Quality Breast Augmentation and Cosmetic Surgery in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Cosmetic surgery clinics and breast augmentation clinics run aplenty. There are a myriad of establishments that offer a bevy of procedures at all sorts of prices ranging from extremely expensive to very cheap.

Sorting through all the options out there is a very important step in making sure you get the best care available–after all, you can’t just let anyone tamper with your body.

Fortitude Valley is a popular destination for breast augmentation surgery, breast enlargement, and a variety of other cosmetic surgery procedures. Our clinic provides a wide range of procedures delivered with the highest standards of quality. We seek to improve our clients’ bodies in a holistic and safe way, not alter them to the point of harm.

Why get breast augmentation surgery?

Many women consider getting breast implants a life-changing decision. It can affect them in ways that go beyond the physical. It can improve their self-esteem and overall happiness.

Breast augmentation and other cosmetic surgery procedures are means for people to improve their overall appearance. Some women experience dissatisfaction with their breasts because of several different reasons including: sagging, deformation due to weight fluctuations, ageing, breastfeeding, and the like.

Breast augmentation surgery can restore and enhance your body and give you a more youthful physique.

Our clinic offers first-class care. We begin each procedure with a one-on-one meeting in order to determine the best implants for your body type and shape. The consultation is to ensure that the implants’ dimensions fit your frame. It is important to note that while proportional implants enhance the way you look, oversized ones tend to create an imbalanced look.

Which types of implants suit me?

The selection of breast implants runs far and wide. There is a myriad of options available for every body type. For the most natural-looking and proportional results, choose an implant with the dimensions for your body. Our surgeons and staff will also be happy to provide you with list of options based on several strategic measurements. Moreover, we also pay attention to other factors such as health, history of disease, and other important parameters.

Our primary objective is to serve your cosmetic surgery needs in a way that complements your body.

Breast Implant Varieties

Breast implants are divided into two major categories according to material: silicone-based and saline-based. The silicone variant consists of a silicone exterior and silicone gel interior while the saline variant is made of a silicone exterior filled with a sterile saline fluid.

Silicone-based implants are more widely preferred because of their durability and likeness to human breasts. It should be noted, however, that saline implants tend to be easier to insert and manipulate.

Both variants come in all shapes and sizes. We offer a very broad collection of options for you to choose from.

Can my breast implants get damaged?

Breast implants, like other artificial extensions, should be taken care of, maintained, and replaced after a prescribed duration. If left unchecked, they may burst. For this reason, our surgeons choose silicone implants over saline implants, as silicone implants tend to be more durable and less susceptible to rupturing.

Our surgeons are prepared to offer quality care and make precise recommendations based on your cosmetic surgery needs. We are wholly dedicated to ensuring your happiness and safety during each procedure.

Look no further for quality breast augmentation and plastic surgery in Fortitude Valley. Give us a call and we’ll be ready to satisfy your cosmetic surgery needs.

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