Dermabrasion is a skin revitalizing method that is used to improve and lighten acne scars, chicken pox marks and scars due to injury or accident. Aside from that, it is also used to treat wrinkles, fine lines, rigorous sun damage, pigmentation and specific types of skin lacerations.

Dermabrasion is a technique that employs a powered handheld device. The expert shifts the spinning wheel tenderly over the target area causing the uppermost layers of the skin to be dilapidated.

Dermabrasion might involve admission to the hospital or it might be completed as an outpatient method.

The Dermabrasion treatment:

  • Dermabrasion starts with meticulously cleaning the region to be ‘sanded’ with an antibacterial sanitizing agent.
  • An anesthetizing spray may be used to freeze up the treated surface.
  • The expert will then cautiously move the Dermabrasion device over the target area to get rid of layers of skin until the preferred level is reached.
  • For not so large targets, Dermabrasion will only take up a number of minutes. For larger targets, it would take an hour or two to complete.
  • Subsequent to Dermabrasion, the treated area will be reddish and swollen.
  • A cold compress is generally applied to lessen any stinging, burning or scratchy feeling and to accelerate healing.
  • Swelling and reddishness after the treatment will settle after a number of days to one month.
  • The treated area should not be exposed to direct or indirect sunlight within three months.

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