Pre Surgery

Pre Surgery

Pre Surgery

Pre surgery instructions are very important to be followed by the patient to ensure 100% success of the surgery.

Things to accomplish and perform prior to a surgery:

Consent Form

The surgeon will clarify every detail of the surgery, including the benefits and risks. The patient will then ask to affix his/her signature if he/she agrees with the entire details on the consent form. The consent form permits the surgeon to perform the discussed surgery.

Time of Surgery

The patient will be informed about the exact time of the surgery beforehand.

Medical Examination

Prior to the surgery, various laboratory tests are carried out. The tests vary from one patient to another. Discussion about the patient’s medical history is also performed.


The anesthesiologist is a doctor of medicine who manages the medicine that makes the patient sleep during the surgical procedure. He/she provides the local or general anesthesia. He/she will converse with the patient on the type of anesthetic is suitable.

Body Hair

On some types of surgery, body hair on the body part involved must be removed. A nurse or staff will execute the removal.


The patient is recommended to discontinue smoking 24 hours prior to the surgery. This will aid improve your breathing and blood circulation.

Food and Fluid

The patient will not be allowed to consume anything for a number of hours before the procedure; this may be a solid or liquid. This is vital because the stomach should be empty when obtaining the anesthesia. Eating or drinking before the scheduled time can be a root of delay or postponement of the procedure.


The patient might perform some exercises after the surgery to prevent complications. These consist of breathing and leg work outs.

Ample Rest

It is very critical for a patient to get ample rest before the surgery.

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