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Best Quality Breast Augmentation in Wynnum, Brisbane

Problems may come up when looking for the best plastic surgery clinic in Wynnum, Brisbane. Since the various options are very broad, it may be difficult to find the best one at the right price. Your body deserves only world-class care, so make sure that you find the best clinic available.

Breast enlargement surgery or breast augmentation is one of the most well known procedures in the world; especially in Wynnum, Brisbane. For a lot of women, this kind of surgery can turn insecurity into confidence.

With the vision of improving and enhancing our clients’ bodies and not changing who they are, our clinic readily offers a vast array of cosmetic procedures that are world-class.

Why get breast augmentation surgery?

With the knowledge that many women are very unhappy with their natural breasts, breast enhancement surgery is something that a lot consider. Issues that vary in severity can always arise, such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight problems, etc.

Being one of Brisbane’s leading plastic surgery clinics, we have a long list of surgeries that our clients can happily choose from. All of our procedures start off with a meeting or consultation between the client and the doctor to be able to figure out which kind of breast implants will suit your overall physicality. Body shape and body type are two key elements that our doctors will take into account – along with a list of other characteristics of your body that will ensure a safe procedure.

What is the correct breast shape, size, and type for me?

The correct breast size, shape, and type may vary depending on each client that we have. For proportional and natural results, we advise clients to choose the breast shape and size that will match the proportions of your body.

Right after the consultation, our people will also examine your breast diameter, chest muscles, nipple projection, etc to be able to determine the exact kind of breast enhancement procedure that will cater to you and your body. Safety and efficiency are high valued in our facility; the combination of the two is a recipe for success not only for our doctors, but for our clients as well.

Types of implants

Clients also have to choose between silicone and saline-based implants. The silicone implants are made of silicone entirely, while the saline implants are silicone on the outside and sterile saline solution on the inside. After choosing between the two mentioned above, clients must also choose between rounded (which makes your breasts look a lot bigger) and teardrop-shaped (to help create a fuller effect).

Can your breast implant rupture?

Just like other plastic surgery devices, breast implants must be properly maintained to make sure that rupturing does not occur. Rupturing or tearing will happen if the implants are not maintained properly, and if this happens, it can cause the patient pain. Rupturing can make your breasts become deformed; which can lead to you having to get them removed. Our surgeons highly suggest silicone implants because they are very sturdy and durable.

Our people in our facility in Wynnum, Brisbane bring you only the best service possible. We will make sure that you are safer and happier with the results of our body enhancement procedures; which is a promise that not a lot of facilities can make.

We have top-notch breast enhancement available here in our facility in Wynnum. Give us a call soon and start that procedure as soon as possible!

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